There Is More and Driven Cowboys our first new releases in 2020

The first two releases of 2020 were born in a very particular condition. The first one was There Is More, written before the virus invaded our Country. It’s an anthem to the small things of every day of which we lose the real value sometime and in the middle of virus pandemia it sounds like an admonition before all happened. Then, the second song comes to our minds, staying on our home sofa during the virus pandemia. It is a dream, a paint, a movie by which we could fly far away with our minds. We decided to make a music video, with our guys playing each one at home, to fix this very hard moment in our minds.


Backdoor To My Dreams our latest album is out now

And here we are with our 4th album. The ballad that gives the title to the album, had been in a drawer for quite some time and finally we thought it was time to take it out. It talks about when time ago, we tried to set out and follow a path which was all ours, we dreamt of producing our own songs, of writing our own music, our lyrics and speak our feelings, a dream that came true but after a long time. Everyone was telling us that it was too late, that we were too old, we didn’t have the right look and the record labels were not interested in the music alone without all the rest i.e. but this was not our thought, especially for country music where the main point is essence. So, no one opened the front door, but there is always a backdoor you can get in from. What is important is to be able to express one’s feelings and then it will be the people who will judge if it is right or wrong. That’s all.




‘Me And My Dog Joe’ The Latest Release Of The Crazy Bulls Band

Me And My Dog Joe is the new single released in April 2018, that will be included in the new fourth album written by Leda & Steve Bigman, arranged and recorded by Gaetano Pellino at his Studios, expected to be finished and published by December 2018 by Folk And Roll, a label of the Group Crotalo Edizioni Musicali – Italy. This is an introspective and autobiographical song sung by Steve, a reaction to all the bad and wrongs of this world and a hymn to freedom. On this song, Jgor Pasin, a real guru amongst the country dance choreographers of international fame, has written a dance called ‘Joe’. Soon available on the best digital store.




No Rules, the new album of 2017 released on December 30th

No Rules is our new 10 track 2017 album released on December 30th. All the songs contained in the album are published as singles as well and 8 of the 10 have already been chosen by country dance choreographers to write their dances on them and played all over Europe, Canada and USA. The album takes its name from a dance choreography written by our sweet Anna Taroni, country dance choreographer of international fame, and its dedicated to her.