American Country Folk Vs Romagna Folk the Battle

The Crazy Bulls Band & Ballet is back!
 As part of the prestigious Ravenna Festival, a historical Battle, a confrontation between two cultures apparently so far from one another but as a matter of fact coming from the same origins, Romagna folk and American folk country.
A country rock band, internationally known for its vast record production dedicated to country dances and its champion dancers on one side and one of the most famous folk orchestras of Romagna with its best dancers on the other side!
 “Romagna Folk Vs American Country Folk”
 A unique event, a show never seen before and certainly not to be missed! The 4th of June, note it!
All information on the poster – for more information…/concerto-trekking-2023/

2# Place for The Crazy Bulls Ballet @WEF Budapest 2017

Another great performance of the Crazy Bulls Ballet led by choreographer Anna Taroni, with the dance “Wild Wild East” written by her on the song “Do Not Forget We’re Cowboys Deep Inside” by The Crazy Bulls Band at the WEF Budapest 2017 International Contest. Again, congratulations, another great job guys! The song, already contained in the latest album “Appaloosa” is available as single on all the best digital stores.


Showcase for the presentation of ‘Appaloosa’ at The Gasoline RA

Great night at the Gasoline – Ravenna for the presentation of the new album Appaloosa. Stunning performance of our very special guests, Gaetano Pellino and Sarah Picco, who brought in their fantastic soul. Thanks to everyone and thanks to our fans for supporting us so warmly and last but not least, special thanks to the guru of the Italian country dance, our friend Jgor Pasin, who came to see us, enjoying our gig and dancing with our dancers! Thanks thanks and thanks again to all of you guys, we really love you!

The New Album Of The Crazy Bulls To Be Presented on 2016 Dec 15

‘Appaloosa’, the new album of the Crazy Bulls, the second from our beginning, is going to be presented in a special show case on the 15th of December at the Gasoline Road Bar in Ravenna. 4 of the 10 tracks of the album, previously published, are already amongst the European hits of country dance music. Our special guests for this event, Gaetano Pellino, musician, rock-blues guitarist, arranger and producer, 1 Golden and 1 Platinum Awards as producer of his brother Neffa, well-known in Europe and in the States. He worked on our new album and arranged and played 6 of the 10 songs, and will make his hot Telecaster roar for us tonight! And then, one of the most beautiful voices of the Italian blues, Sarah Picco, who collaborated to the production of the album with her enchanting background vocals.

And then we’ll celebrate the Crazy Bulls’ third birthday!

What else! You can’t miss this!



A New 10 Track Album To Be Released Beginning of Dec 2016

The new album of the Crazy Bulls, the second from our beginning, is going to be released on the beginning of December 2016. The album will contain 10 tracks, 4 of which are already amongst the European hits of country dance music. The album will be presented in a show case at the Gasoline Road Bar – Ravenna on Dec. the 15th, watch the show here. So, get ready guys, you really can’t miss this!

“True” the latest release of The Crazy Bulls Band

True, the latest release of the band, written by Steve Bigman and Leda for Jurgen Lonin, an Austrian country dance choreographer, is now available on the best digital stores. The homonymous choreography written by Jurgen was presented at the Belt festival 2016 International Country Honky-Tonk Dance Contest by the team JAC, made up by Jurgen himself, Anna Taroni, Choreographer and Dancer of the Crazy Bulls and Chiara Ravaglia, dancer of the Crazy Bulls, getting the 3# place.

3# place for “True” @Belt Festival 2016 Country Dance Contest

Great performance of the team JAC, made up by Jurgen Lonin, Austrian choreographer and dancer, Anna Taroni, choreographer and dancer of the Crazy Bulls and Chiara Ravaglia, dancer of the Crazy Bulls, with the dance choreography True, written by Jurgen Lonin on the homonymous song, the latest release of The Crazy Bulls Band. Jurgen decided to write a dance on True to participate to the Belt Festival 2016 International Country Honky-Tonk Dance Contest with Anna & Chiara and they got a great 3rd place. Congratulations, great job guys! The song is now available on all the best digital stores.