Appaloosa Rhapsody

Release Date : February 15, 2016
Label :
Format : Digital Download

“Free oh so free”… The song is a hymn to freedom, freedom of soul. The little big Appaloosa is aware that one day she might be caught by humans to be closed in one of their “golden prisons” but she is sure that no one will ever be able to imprison her free soul.

Appaloosa Rhapsody, the brand new single written by Leda De Waure, author and singer of the band, is an autobiographic song that was inspired through a beautiful collaboration with the French choreographer of international fame Virginie Barjaud, who wrote a choreography of country line dance presented at the WEF Budapest 2016, on the song.

Country Dance Choreography: “Appaloosa” by Virginie Barjaud