Big Old Wheel

Release Date : September 13, 2014
Format : Digital Download

It represents the course of life, with its crossroads, roundabouts and dead ends. The way it turns depends on the spirit by which we make it turn.

Entirely written and composed “at home”, Big Old Wheel originated when we met Bruno Moggia, a worldwide famous country dance choreographer and his dancers the Western Renegades, with whom all the team created a deep bond of friendship. And so, choreography and music participated to the international Belt Festival 2014 competition, winning the first place! The song is accompanied by a movie production that sees both Bruno Moggia and his wife Anne Pulvermuller, dancer, choreographer and member of the Western Renegades, as main actors. This is the first time that such a thing happens and we are so proud and happy of this!

Country Dance Choreography: Lifestream by Bruno Moggia

Complimeti ai Crazy Bulls che hanno fatto un ottimo lavoro con questo primo singolo estremamente convincente per chi ama il genere, sicuramente un bell’arrangiamento pieno di suoni caldi e di una ritmica che invita a ballare, trascinata da un violino pulito e preciso.