Big Strides

Release Date : February 8, 2015
Format : Digital Download

Big Strides

“Big Strides” towards nature. It is an exhortation for all creatures to live free in perfect harmony. This wish is represented by the images of the wind, sun, sea and most of all by the metaphor of the bird with no cage flying free in the sky. 

Third “home made” work this song represents the free spirit of the band. Lyrics were written by the singer of the group Leda De Waure and music by Stefano “Big Man” Bandini, founder of the group. Arrangement by Giuliano Guerrini.

This song was written for the Hungarian Wild Buffalo country dance team for a choreography written by them to open the international dance contest Wild East Fest in Budapest, February 2015.

Country Dance Choreography: “Wild & Crazy” by Wild Buffalo