Innisfree [From a Poem by William Butler Yeats]

Release Date : February 15, 2016
Label :
Format : Digital Download

From the poem by William Butler Yeats, The Lake Isle Of Innisfree, written in 1888, tells how the author, walking down Fleet Street in London, was suddenly attracted by a sweet sound of flowing water, coming from a fountain in a shop-window, and projected with his memories through a homesick journey in his childhood, when he used to spend his holidays on this uninhabited lake isle in Ireland.

Lake Isle of Innisfree exemplifies the style of the “Celtic Revival”. This beautiful poem belongs to Leda’s culture, the South African author and singer of the group, who wanted to make a tribute to the poet, one of her favorites. And how could it be put in music if not with a Irish-Celtic influence?

Leda wrote this song for Anna Taroni, choreographer of the Crazy Bulls Ballet, who created a choreography of country line dance with which took part to the WEF Budapest International Contest 2016, reaching the podium with a great #3 place.

Country Dance Choreography: “Innisfree” by Anna Taroni