Me And My Dog Joe

Title : Me And My Dog Joe
Release Date : April 1, 2018
Label :
Format : Digital Download

This is a new single released in April 2018, that will be included in the new fourth album written by Leda & Steve Bigman, expected to be finished and published by December 2018 by Folk And Roll, a label of the Group Crotalo Edizioni Musicali – Italy. This song is sung by Steve feat. Soul Sarah, arranged and recorded by Gaetano Pellino at his Studios with a RCA of 1941 real taste of Roots. It is an introspective and autobiographical song, a reaction to all the bad and wrongs of this world and a hymn to freedom. Jgor Pasin, a real guru amongst the country dance choreographers of international fame, has written a beautiful country dance on the song called ‘Joe’.