Spaghetti Catalan

Release Date : December 17, 2015
Label :
Format : CD

“Getting all this off down from my shoulders…” The song is another metaphor of life, when the hardships of life are getting you down, don’t give up, count on yourself and you will make it.

This song is the second work of the band, written in August 2014 and published in the album Lifestream in December 2015. Anna Taroni, choreographer of the Crazy Bulls Ballet, fell in love with the song and decided to write a country dance choreography on it, to participate to the international dance contest Muntanya, in Imst, Austria on May 2016. In this occasion the song was republished as a single record.

Anna and her Crazy Bulls Ballet won the dance contest and Spaghetti Catalan won the Best Music Award!