Title : True
Release Date : September 5, 2016
Format : Digital Download

True, one of the latest release of the band, speaks of the value of truth and true friendship and union that can fight and defeat the dark power of “those masterminds”.

“True as the sun that shines on a warm bright day we will show the way for those of us who won’t give up but will fight it through on a better way” 

The song was chosen by Jurgen Lonin, Austrian choreographer of country dance to write a dance choreography on the music to participate to the Belt Festival 2016 International Country Honky-Tonk Dance Contest with a team named JAC, made up by himself, Anna Taroni, dancer and choreographer of the Crazy Bulls and Chiara Ravaglia, dancer of the Crazy Bulls, getting a great 3rd place! The song is one of the ten contained in the album Appaloosa.